Often even us developers are trying to reinvent what has already been developed and available absolutely free for all as an open source. It makes absolute sense to pick up an open sourced platform and better add to it saving time on not writing code for something that is already there built and tested.

However most open source is unknown and hard to find, hiding somewhere deep beneath the billions of Internet’s websites. Obviously why, it’s free and has no budget, therefore doesn’t get any advertisement. You really have to know exactly what you are searching for to find open sourced software using ordinary search engines.

We, at www.OpenSourceSearch.com thought that it was a right time to make a simple website specifically dedicated to only open source software, where it would be simple to surf through categories or search results and see what platforms are available as an open source. The goal of www.OpenSourceSearch.com is to do just that. We are not a code repository and not planning to be. There are lots of free code repository services online. We do however work on making open source software easier to discover.

Join our community and spread the word about our free service. If you know of any open source projects, which we haven't yet added to our database, please click "Submit Open Source" link and let us know about it. We will add it. Thank you.